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Dreamstarter Grant Program

Roo George-Warren

in Rock Hill, SC (Catawba Indian Nation)

Mentor Org

Catawba Cultural Preservation Project


Rock Hill, SC


Catawba Indian Nation

Roo’s dream is to foster a living Catawba language through the creation of the first-ever Catawba language learning application. His mobile app will employ multi-sensory, culturally appropriate, engaging games to teach the language to any and all members of the Catawba tribe. The Catawba Language Project will also create other language-learning tools for the community, such as videos and games, and teach youth how to make additional tools themselves.

Through a flexible curriculum created by the community for all members of the community – from children in headstart to adults serving in the military across the world – Roo's project will work to revitalize the Catawba language and achieve educational sovereignty.

"Our language is the key to our identity but we are at risk of losing it forever. This Dreamstarter project may be one of the few chances we have left to revitalize our language." -Roo 

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Additional Information

Roo's project, The Catawba Language Project, has a facebook page

NBC News: "Native American Two Spirit Fights to Keep Tribe's Language Alive" 

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