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Kili Radio

Kili Radio Program July 2018

KILI Radio is the prime, if not only, way of getting the news out on the reservation providing information “that is sorely needed. Information about health, education and our culture that would not be found any other place.”

On July 5, thousands of listeners to KILI Radio, the voice of the Lakota people on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation, had the opportunity to learn all about the programs being operating on the reservation by Running Strong for Indian Youth®.

Field coordinator Dave Lone Elk and field staffers Ken Lone Elk (who just happens to be Dave’s dad and has been working with Running Strong for more than 30 years) and Rose Fraser, director of The Oyate Teca Project, our newest affiliate on the reservation, during the hour-long broadcast.

Their informative talks about our youth and garden programs at Oyate Teca by Rose, the great strides being made in our water connection program by Ken and the in-kind distributions of food, school supplies and more by Dave was an education for those residents who didn’t realize the full extent of all we do there.

Listen below to a few clips from the latest show. You can read more about this radio segment here


Hear Rose speak on the gardening program which begins in January. Learn more about the Gardening Program.


Hear Rose discuss the free dental screening that will be held in partnership with Delta Dental of South Dakota at the end of the month where dental hygienists will check kids’ teeth for cavities and other issues, and each child will be provided with a Running Strong SmileStrong dental kit ensuring they have the toothbrushes and toothpaste they need to keep their teeth clean and healthy. 


Ken announced that 10 families are on Running Strong’s list to be connected to the main service water line which runs through the reservation bringing clean, treated water to families and elders who have not had running water for years and explained the application process. Hear more here:

In conclusion, Ken expressed his gratitude on behalf of all the residents of Pine Ridge to “all the individuals who have been so kind and glad to help us… and we don’t want to forget all of our donors who are listening – thank you from wherever you’re sitting.”

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