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28th Annual Reservations Tour - Day 3

9/14/17 in Crazy Horse Memorial, SD under General News


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Crazy Horse Memorial, SD

Crazy Horse Memorial

We started off the day with going to the Crazy Horse Memorial. Located in the heart of the Black Hills, the Crazy Horse Memorial is a magnificent sight. The goal of the monument is to is to protect and preserve the culture of North American Indians by continuing the sculpture of the Lakota leader Crazy Horse, providing educational and cultural programming, and acting as a repository Native American artifacts, arts and crafts.

The monument officially started in 1947. The sculptor Korczak Ziolkowski was invited to the sacred Black Hills to create a monument of Crazy Horse by Chief Henry Standing Bear. The first blast in the mountain was on June 3rd 1948 and the craving is still in progress.

We were able to explore these aspects of the memorial and then headed off to see some amazing wildlife.


Black Hills Wild Horse Sanctuary

We spent our afternoon at the Black Hills Wild Horse Sanctuary. Founded in 1988 by Daniel O. Hyde, the Sanctuary has over 700 horses residing  in 11,000 acres of land. The mustangs were born in the wild and consist of rescues, rare breed descendants, and Sanctuary born descendants. There are also four types of mustangs residing, American, Spanish, Curly, and Choctaw.


The Sanctuary is also the site of the Afraid of Bear-American Horse Sundance. We were welcomed by Joe American Horse and learned about the significance of the land and the history of the area.



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