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Beading and Meaning

9/2/17 in Covelo, CA under Dreamstarter Teacher




Covelo, CA

Shannon Britton is a member of the Spring 2017 Dreamstarter Teacher cohort. Shannon used the grant to in local tribal artists to teach students how to bead on a loom and pay for the necessary materials.

A teachable moment from the program came from a student Tony. Shannon explains that Tony was one of the few non-Native students in her class and having him showed the necessity to learn about other cultures.

Another highlight of the program was Sonny. He caught on to beading quickly and ended up teaching other students the correct way to loom.

“He not only learned how to bead, he also learned about why people bead and the respect and good mindset that that you need to have while you bead. He designed his own bracelet and showed it off proudly to others.”

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