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Diné Naabeehó Tó Update

11/29/18 under Clean Water


Clean Water



Billy and his wife are in their late 70s, and having raised children are now on their own living in the rural community of Lukachukai on the Navajo Nation in Arizona and who were in need of a new, working septic system.

“It backs up and smells,” said Billy of the plastic septic system that was installed in the 1970s and was leaking and backing up into the house of the elderly couple.

“Grandma” is bedridden with a history of a stroke and is in remission from cancer, and the last thing they needed to be worrying about was being able to use their indoor plumbing.

But that was in July; and by October their lives have been transformed and their water worries vanished thanks to the supporters of our Diné Naabeehó Tó Water Challenge program which installed a new septic system for them.

Billy and his family were put on the top of our list after we were informed of their need “as we cannot walk outside to use the restroom,” Billy told us.

“We are very happy and grateful,” he continued. “Having a new septic system installed in two days was much appreciated, and extremely helpful.”

And to the supporters of Running Strong for American Indian Youth® who made it possible, Billy had this to say:

“You are helping a lot of Native people who need help. Keep up the good work. Go Running Strong!!”

A Tsaile resident who benefited from our water program mentioned that she had been getting her water from “the mountain” three miles from her home.

She lives in a household of nine, including three children under the age of 18, who had been living without running water.

She requested that her home be connected to the nearby water line “so that I could have clean running water, and not have to haul my water from the mountain.

“I have had a hard time hauling water,” she said in her request. “I haul water on a daily basis.”

She told us she had gone to the Navajo Nation Office of Environmental Health in Many Farms seeking assistance “but they ran out of funding.”

Her family had never received help from Running Strong before, but when her daughter heard about our program on social media she contacted us and filled out an application.

That was in July. By October her family had running water – no more trips to “the mountain” hauling water for her, which was a great relief to her especially considering that her husband is ill.

“My husband is not a healthy man, diagnosed with kidney disease he requires life-sustaining dialysis treatment three times a week,” she told us.

“We now have running water,” she reported. “The sound of water coming from the kitchen sink is happiness. Now I don’t have to worry about hauling water now that we have running water – finally!

“Thanks for helping us out.”

Adding thanks was their child who wrote:

“I’d just like to say thank you for helping out my parents with running water. The work that the workers did is great and now that my parents won’t have to worry about hauling water during the winter is great news.

“Your organization is doing a great job in helping families in need.”

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