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Dreamstarter Robert McRorie reflects on the beginning of his Dreamstarter Project!

9/26/16 in Sault Ste. Marie under Dreamstarter






Sault Ste. Marie

My Dreamstarter Project is to establish a high school class that allows students to earn a credit towards graduation while learning the Arts and Culture of our ancestors, the Ojibwe People.

The class started on September 8th. There are currently 25 students enrolled in the Ojibwe Arts and Culture Initiative Dreamstarter class. 14 of these students are boys and 11 of them are girls. We started the year by bringing in our Tribe's Culture Camp Director Jackie Minton, to teach the students to make their own medicine pouches. Each student cut out their own deer hide in the shape they wanted to make their medicine pouch. They used sinew to sew and tie the seams of their pouches.

This week we brought in the former Culture Director of our Tribe, Bud Biron. He started out by giving the four sacred medicine teachings. This was very important because it gave our students the proper teachings that they will needed to fully respect their medicine pouches and what they mean to us as Ojibwe People. He then started the Big School Ceremony Drum and gave the teachings of how to respect the drum. He also gave multiple teachings of how the drum was to be used and its spiritual significance to our people. The students offered tobacco to say thank you for the teachings of the drum. The girls prepared the water and cleaned the medicines that are being used in the water to soak the elk hide for the ceremonial drum.

Next week the students will begin to work on their personal items. The boys will start working on their hand drums, and the girls will start working on their shakers or rattles. All of the students are extremely excited about moving forward with all of the projects that are planned for them, and want to send a huge thank you to Running Strong and Billy Mills for this opportunity! 


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