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Launching the Language

8/29/17 in Sapulpa, OK under General News Culture & Language Preservation




Sapulpa, OK

Throughout the year the Euchee (Yuchi) Language Program has seen a number of successes.

The students received first place in the Oklahoma Native American Youth Language fair which involves several performance categories, like spoken language and traditional song, as well as material submission categories like, poster art and advocacy essays. The students were also sponsored to present Euchee prayers and songs at the National Mall in DC. From all of us here at Running Strong, congratulations on these major accomplishments!

The year has also seen an increased family involvement in the daily immersion classes and this summer over 50 youth attended! One of the students, Tommy Littlehead, yaTEI@f@, is one of the “key youth” helped by this program.

“He has advanced from a novice language learner to now giving speeches in Yuchi at the ceremonial grounds. He is a model for the youth in our community and is committed to revitalizing ceremonial and cultural traditions. His dedication to the language and the way it is influencing his life is very exciting. He is a great asset for the Yuchi community.”- Richard Grounds, Director of the Euchee Language Program

In the coming months the program will continue to hold classes and provide opportunities in the community. This will include presentations for the public and direct support for participation in our ceremonies. 

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