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Learn how to say the months in Lakota!

2/3/15 under Culture & Language Preservation

How do you say your birth month?


January - Canopopa Wi:Moon when the trees crack.

February - Ahumkela Wi: Moon of half a day storming half a day good weather.

March - Ista Oniyanpi Wi: Moon of sore eyes.

April - Magaksica Wi: Moon when the geese return.

May - Wihakta Cepapi Wi: Moon when the youngest wife is with child.

June - Wipazutkan Wi: Moon of June berries.

July - Canpa Sapa Wi: Moon of black cherries.

August - Wasuton Wi: Moon of seeding plants.

September - Canwape Ge Wi: Moon of changing leaves.

October - Canwape Kasna Wi: Moon of falling leaves.

 November - Waniyetu Wi: Moon of cold.

 December - Wanicokan Wi: Moon of mid winter.

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