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Meet one of the participants of Dreamstarter Rosalia’s Powwow Project!

4/20/17 in Northern Cheyenne, Montana under Dreamstarter






Northern Cheyenne, Montana

Meet Powwow Project participant, Latessa. Her Cheyenne name is Walking Woman, and she is named after her grandma. She loves to attend spiritual runs like the Fort Robinson Run. Her favorite sports are basketball, football, volleyball, and track. Her friends and family are the ones who inspired her and encouraged her to get into powwow dancing. Plus, she thought it would be fun to actually dance at powwows instead of just watching them. So, that is what she is striving to do.



The prominent color in Latessa's fancy shawl outfit is blue, and it represents the sky, and also represents the universe. In some instances, blue is said to be the color of our spirits. In wearing this color, she recognizes her place in the world as a spiritual being. It is believed that we are not humans who have a spiritual experience, but are spirits who are having a human experience on this earth. The Fort Robinson Run instilled these beliefs and values in her, and she will always carry them with her. Latessa's outfit also has white crosses on them, which represent stars. The way they are laid out across her shawl is made to mimic a similar block pattern that is found on old style Cheyenne dresses, which are said to be a buffalo trail design. Cheyenne women wore this design because they considered themselves "buffalo people" since they depended on them for their way of life. 


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