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Upcoming event: Patterns of Native Health and Wellbeing: An Intercultural Symposium

4/7/14 under General News Women's Health



Friday, April 11, the National Museum of the American Indian is holding a symposium exploring how the wellbeing-related cultural values of Native communities can shed light on solving serious health issues.

This Symposium, titled Patterns of Native Health and Wellbeing: An Intercultural Symposium, will take place from 12:30 -5 PM. It will discuss the active collaborations that are occurring between Native community members and researchers in these areas.

Our very own field staff member and board member Katsi Cook has been instrumental in putting this event together. She will be giving the introduction and concluding remarks at the event.

The Symposium will feature a number of topics including:

  • Environmental Health: Healing in Eco-Connection
  • The Medicine of Food: The Primary Relation
  • Ohero:kon: Orientations in the Values of Traditional Ritual Cycles of Life
  • Environmental Degradation and Mental Health
  • The Health of Men: Values and Behavioral Health


Running Strong staff will be attending the event & live tweeting from the Running Strong twitter account. Follow us and be on Twitter on Friday at 12:30 to hear all about it!

The event is free and open to the public.

View the full schedule here.

The event will be streamed via a live webcast on Friday on the NMAI website.

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