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Runner Spotlight- Mick Langford

10/20/13 under Team Running Strong MCM



1. Why did you start running?

For some reason, I have gravitated towards running at several times during my life.  Usually it has been related to wanting to improve fitness or lose weight but what starts as a general fitness regimen ultimately becomes running.  I just like running I guess.

2. Best running memory?

During the 2012 Shamrock Marathon in Virginia Beach I found myself running along with a group of military servicemen. They were taking turns to push one of their colleagues in a wheelchair.  The man in the wheelchair had severe injuries but was clearly enjoying the event.  As we passed thorough Camp Pendleton there was a point at which we passed a large group of servicemen and women in uniform.  As we passed they saluted their brothers with an incredible cheer.  It was loud and in perfect unison.  Unfortunately, I have no idea what words they used but I understand perfectly what were saying, “we love you brother”. I get goose bumps thinking about it.

3. What shoes do you run in?

Size 14 - Brooks Adrenaline GTS.  My feet are size 12/13 but anything less than a size 14 and it is black toes and blisters.  I have tried all brands and keep coming back to this shoe.  As they say, “if it ain’t broke”.

4. Favorite & least favorite distances to run?

I like them all in their own special way.

5. Do you have a running partner?

I have several, but most often I run with Mark Lovekey (also running MCM for Team Running Strong).  We have trained together for several years now.  It would be impossible to get out of bed at 4:30AM unless I knew there was someone waiting for me.  These guys have supported me through injury and waited for me when I have struggled. I cannot imagine doing every run without a partner.

6. What is your favorite running accessory?

Garmin GPS Watch. Although sometimes I think I do better to listen to my body for the correct pace.

7. What is your favorite time of the day to run?

Early runs in the countryside are fantastic.  Sun rising, mist, no cars and the pat pat pat of feet.  Does not get any better for me.

8. What is the hottest or coldest weather you have ever ran in?

I try to avoid hot weather more than cold.  But this summer we have had to run in the high 80’s.  I have done training runs at below 20F.  You can dress for it and the frozen sweat on the hat is pretty cool.

9. Other exercises you love?

I am a soccer referee.  You can cover 3 – 6 miles in a game.  This includes jogging, walking and sprints.  It does not matter what is troubling you before a game.  The intensity and focus of the game gives you a complete mental break for 90 min.  I always feel better about the world after a game.

10. Do you bring an iPod with you, and if so, what's on it? What’s your power song?

No.  I used to run with music then my MP3 broke.  I wondered how I would make it without music.  I actually found that I enjoyed running more without.  

11. What are your current or future goals?

Given my injuries over the past year, I just want to keep running.  A few PR’s here and there would be great but just being able to run is the most important. 

12. Advice for new runners?

Take it slow, don’t overdo it.  Enjoy running, slow down when you need to.  For First time marathoners, respect the distance. DO NOT GO OUT TOO FAST.  

13. Tell us about the most interesting thing you've ever seen while on a run?

There are so many things that you see, but my favorites are “shooting stars” and the wildlife that you would not notice if you were whizzing by in a car.

14. What drew you to Team Running Strong?

I actually read an article in Runners World about Billy Mills.  It was truly inspirational.  One of my regular running buddies is also American Indian and there were many points in the article that paralleled the conversations that we had whilst running.  The following month a letter to the editor in RW mentioned Team Running Strong and although I was already signed up for MCM 2012 it transferred my registration.  Unfortunately, I developed Achilles Tendinitis last summer and could not run. But, I am back this year and really looking forward to meeting other team members and running for Team Running Strong.

15. What's your motivation?

Running simply makes me feel good.  It helps my mind, body and spirit. 

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