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Runner’s Spotlight-June Sowden

8/20/13 under Team Running Strong MCM




Why did you start running?

I started running because a friend of mine inspired me. She talked about how good it made her feel and I wanted to experience the runner’s high also. Now I run because it makes me feel really good and it’s my time.

Best running memory?    

My best running memory is crossing the finish line at my first (and only, so far) marathon. I can only describe it as pure joy and euphoria.

What shoes do you run in?

I just discovered that I like the Mizuno Elixir over the Saucony Triumph.

Favorite and least favorite distances to run?

My favorite distance to run is a half marathon. It’s not to far and it’s not to short all at the same time. My least favorite distance to run is a toss up between a 5K and a 10K. I feel like both of these distances are an all out sprint to the finish line. I do much better when I can “coast!”

Do you have a running partner?

I do have a running partner. She makes running, especially those long runs, so much more exciting. We encourage each other, and push each other. When she says, it’s interval day, I usually wrinkle my nose up & tell her how much I seriously dislike intervals. Then she says, come on, let’s go. So I do.

What is your favorite running accessory?

My visor. It keeps my hair out of my face, and the sun out of my eyes. I’m also partial to my brand new Nathan hand held running bottle. I say hand held, even though I don’t really have to hold it. Genius invention.

What is your favorite time of the day to run?

My most favorite time of the day to run is the early morning. Even though I don’t necessary enjoy getting out of bed at 5 am, it is nice to have my run finished before most people are even out of bed.

What is the hottest or coldest weather you have ever ran in?

The hottest weather I have ever ran in was probably 380C that converts to 91oF. 91 doesn’t sound too bad until you factor in the humidity making that 91 turn into about 111oF. The humidity makes it feel like you are running inside an oven.

The coldest weather I have ever ran in is -30oC, that converts to -22oF. I do enjoy winter running the most.

Other exercises you love?

Love is a pretty strong word! I have to say, I don’t really love any exercise, but I do enjoy playing volleyball! I also like to workout using my own body weight as resistance; it’s a love-hate relationship.

Do you bring an iPod with you when you run? If so what’s on it? What’s your power song?

I only bring my iPod when I run alone. My playlist has a local artist (Derek Miller) on it, as well as Robin Thicke, Macklemore, and really anything that I like the beat. I don’t really have a power song, but lately when I hear Blurred Lines, I want to dance!

Your current and/or future goals?

My current goal is to be consistent with intervals, hill repeats, and all the other training methods that make me breath hard; I vow to do them even when I don’t want to. For the Marine Corps Marathon, I want to finish strong.

My future goals are to qualify for Boston. Even though it seems it is a far off dream, I really want to get there one day… Boston Strong.

Advice for new runners?

My advice for new runners is to have fun. Don’t worry about time, or pace, or anything else like that. Run because you love to do it and it makes you feel good.

Tell us about the most interesting thing you have ever seen on a run.

I see a lot of wildlife on most of my runs. Anything from deer, fox, turkeys, and one time a very large snapping turtle who was quite content sitting on the side of the trail watching passersby.

What drew you to Team Running Strong?

Peer pressure! Just kidding. A coworker said that she was going to join Team Running Strong to complete the Marine Corps Marathon and said let’s do it, so I said ok! There are actually 8 of us coming from my reserve (Six Nations, Ontario Canada).

I am also a big fan of Billy Mills and can’t wait to meet a real live gold medalist!

What’s your motivation?

My motivation is my mom. I miss her like crazy and I know she is so proud of me.

And I am also motivated by the big meal I am going to eat when I complete the Marine Corps Marathon!

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