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An update from Kelsey Tortalita’s Thuswecha Academy

1/26/18 in Mandan, ND under Dreamstarter Culture & Language Preservation




Mandan, ND

An update from Dreamstarter Kelsey Tortalita's Thuswecha Beading and Cultural Academy - 

"A highlight from my time teaching beading classes comes from my youngest student. His name is Damon and he is just 9 years old. He was very quiet and couldn’t look up at anyone. When he was asked a question he would just point, shake his head yes or no, or whisper to his sister who would then answer for him. We were as gentle with him as we could possibly be and tried to make him feel it was okay to trust us. Over time he started to smile more and more. His sister would tell us that he looked forward to coming to class. With more time he started to answer questions on his own and ask for help when he needed it. He also started interacting with the other kids, laughing and listening to conversations. That was my favorite experience overall. I loved being able to help him overcome his shyness.

A picture of some Thuswecha Academy students learning how to make leggings.

Our hard working students with volunteers close to help them with anything they may need.

Our students always work together and help one another to complete their projects."

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