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Year 2 Dreamstarter is honored to lead Ojibwe Arts and Culture Initiative Class

6/27/17 in Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan under Dreamstarter Culture & Language Preservation




Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan

It have been a great honor to watch the youth of this program develop skills and cultural awareness of the arts and culture of our people; however, The greatest honor was witnessing each of them develop respect for themselves, each other, and their communities

My Dreamstarter experience has been amazing so far. From writing the grant to watching my dream become a reality, each step in the process has been extremely rewarding. Although this has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my life, it would not have been possible without countless hours of work. What started out as my dream project quickly became a project that our community rallied around. The greatest feeling of all was to be able to sit back and watch the youth learn the arts and culture of our ancestors in a public school setting. This was not only an amazing personal accomplishment but also an accomplishment that our people as a whole can be proud of. 

Students of the Ojibwe Arts and Culture Initiative Class took pride in the cultural teachings they received while completing their projects. Many of the students even began to participate in our tribal events such as powwows and feasts. The students who participated in the class began to show growth in other subject areas as well. One of the students took on a leadership role within the class and began to encourage other students to put more effort into their work. at the end of each class he would ask the instructor to teach him more. As he gained knowledge he started to become an assistant to the guest instructors of the class. They invited him to help with cultural events outside of school in addition to his participation in the class. He eventually gained the knowledge to become one of the instructors himself, after completing all of the necessary coursework he needed to graduate.

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