Dreamstarter Incubator is an incredible opportunity to take my dream to the next level. I have always been passionate about Small Business Development, especially small Native businesses. Running Strong supported the launch of my business, Ekowah Coffee, through a first Dreamstarter grant, has sustained it through additional support over the last few years, and is now providing me critical infrastructure support to expand my dream of supporting small businesses in Native communities.

Our newest exciting expansion of the Dreamstarter Program is Dreamstarter Incubator! The Dreamstarter Incubator is designed to continue supporting the dreams of Native youth for the long-term, outside of Dreamstarter cash grants.

Running Strong works collaboratively with past Dreamstarters to develop and operate NEW impactful Running Strong programs inspired by their dreams. Dreamstarters bring their vision, passion, and commitment to improving the lives of tribal communities across the nation, and Running Strong provides the network, mentorship and financial, technical, and logistical support to launch and run these new programs – with Dreamstarters at the helm. Together, Running Strong and Native youth are creating positive change in Native communities. 

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