Intertribal Creatives


In 2020, Running Strong launched an arts and culture program, Intertribal Creatives initiative, to more strongly support the cultural, artistic and entrepreneurial work of Native American people. Intertribal Creatives’ mission is to promote the creativity, cultural celebration, and community connection for Native American people in urban areas.

Creativity: We support creative Natives. Online and in our brick-and-mortar stores, we house, sell, and promote authentic works of Native artists, creatives, and entrepreneurs.
Celebrate: We celebrate Native culture. Through celebration or identity, culture and accomplishments, we are helping to increase the visibility of Native people in urban centers.
Connect: We connect Native people. We provide space for Natives to connect and network with each other, their communities, and their cultures.


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Our Locations

Alexandria, VA

106 N Lee St
Alexandria, VA 22314

Saturday         11 AM–5 PM
Sunday            11 AM–5 PM
Monday           Closed
Tuesday           Closed
Wednesday   Closed
Thursday        11 AM–5 PM
Friday               11 AM–5 PM