Intertribal Creatives

Intertribal Creatives is a safe space to celebrate the art, culture, business, and community work of Indigenous people, located on ancestral Tauxenent and Pamunkey land in Old Town Alexandria, VA. Our mission is to serve as an accessible, layered resource to both the local and broader Native community by allowing Natives to connect with other Indigenous people throughout the country.

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106 N Lee St.
Alexandria, VA 22314

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Our gallery houses and sells authentic visual art, handmade jewelry, and other forms of self-expression from Native artisans, entrepreneurs and creatives, providing them exposure and support from the community on a local and national level. The purpose is to encourage Natives to reconnect with their community, culture, language, and traditional practices.

When you purchase from our online store, you support Native artists. All of our items, excluding Running Strong gear, are made by Native artists and purchased at fair prices. 100% of the proceeds go directly to our programs to support American Indian youth and their families.

Featured Artists

Maybell Reiter// Anishinaabe

Maybell Eequay Reiter is an Anishinaabe multidisciplinary artist based in Oakland, CA. Maybell's work includes but is not limited to painting, metal work, jewelry making, and traditionally tanning hides with her focus being beadwork and digital art.​

Eva Angus// Nimiipuu, Cayse, Łingit, Haida, Pamunkey

Eva Angus is a Nimiipuu/Cayuse/Łingit/Haida/Pamunkey artist who specializes in elegant dangling beaded earrings and statement beadwork.

Jeremy Dennis// Shinnecock

Jeremy's photography explores Indigenous identity, cultural assimilation, and the ancestral traditional practices of his tribe, the Shinnecock Indian Nation. His images question and disrupt the post-colonial narrative that dominates in film and media, such as the "noble savage" depictions.

Jacquelyn Weis//Shoshone

Jacquelyn is an author and podcast host of "Healing The Survivors" who integrates the Emotion/Body Code and her native traditional healing to create an output that will help one connect and heal physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.

Joshua Smith//Osage

Joshua Smith is the Owner of Ekowah Coffee LLC, a Native owned, socially conscious coffee roaster focused on giving back with each bag of coffee sold. Josh has a great passion for entrepreneurship and the ways it can be used to make a positive impact in one's community.

Kassie Kussman// Cherokee

Kassie learned the traditional art of silversmithing as a way to connect with her culture. She strives to create heirloom-quality jewelry her daughter would be proud to pass on to her children.

Jose Flores// Guatemalan

Jose Flores is a self-taught artist whose heart and spirit remain rooted in his place of birth, Guatemala. His homeland's long and ancient traditions of the Maya is where he draws his inspiration for his work.

DeAnna Bear//Lenape, Shawnee

DeAnna is a self-taught beader and classically trained visual artist. Her beadwork caters to contemporary style and offers the community statement pieces.​

Lisa Apangalook// Siberian Yupik, Tlingit

Lisa Apangalook is an Alaska Native artist who creates fine ivory statement and every day jewelry.

Michaila Taylor//Yup'ik

Michaila Taylor is a Pacific Northwest-based artist who creates Atsameq art featuring local organic materials such as dentalium and moosehide.

Steph "Littlebird" Fogel//Kalapuyan, Chinuk

Stephanie "Littlebird" Fogel is an indigenous artist, writer, and maker hailing from Portland, OR. Drawing connections between our collective past and imminent future, Fogel mixes her own tribal traditions with contemporary materials and subject matter.

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