Regular donations such as monthly giving and workplace giving provide consistent and reliable support for the programs you care about.

Sustainable Giving

Monthly giving

Join the Dream Catcher SocietyOur monthly giving program, the Dream Catcher Society was formed in 2006 and is an important way to make a monthly gift and provide reliable support.

In addition to providing reliable support to American Indian communities in need, becoming a monthly donor has many other benefits. It is convenient and easy for you, since setting up your donation is quick and effortless with our online form. You get to choose the amount, and we will charge your checking account or credit card each month. It also saves money and helps the environment! With monthly giving there are no more paper envelopes, checks, stamps, or gas for driving to the post office. It additionally helps us reduce our fundraising expenses, so even more of your donations go directly to our programs.

If you would like to set up a monthly donation to Running Strong for American Indian Youth® you can do so online on this page or you can contact our Development Team to set it up. Please contact them via email at or call 703-317-9881 ext. 138.

All new Dream Catcher Society members receive a handmade dream catcher from Running Strong in honor of your commitment.

Workplace Giving

Workplace Giving Campaigns
You can also give to Running Strong via many state and donor choice workplace giving campaigns. Our identification number changes from campaign to campaign so look for us under “A” for American Indian Youth Running Strong®


American Indian Youth Running Strong participates in these state* workplace giving campaigns:

Arizona SECC – Code # ST860
California SECC – Code # 2815
Michigan SECC – Code # UD22-6793
New Jersey SECC – Code # 4412
New York SEFA – Code # 999-00039
Pennsylvania SECA – Code # 8000-0018
Virginia CVC – Code # 6857
Washington CFD – Code # 052436
Wisconsin SECC: Dane County & Statewide –  Code # 6764
Wisconsin SECC: Milwaukee –  Code # 0211


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