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Katsi Cook

Meet Board Member Katsi Cook

Katsi Cook(Akwesasne Mohawk), Director

Katsi Cook is an Aboriginal Midwife, mother of six and grand-mother of ten. Since 1983, she has conducted award-winning environmental justice health research in her home community of Akwesasne, NY. 

Katsi created the First Environment Collaborative of Running Strong for American Indian Youth. 

In her experience of over 25 years as a Mohawk midwife, women’s health advocate and activist for environmental restoration in her Tribal community -- the Mohawk Nation at Akwesasne - Katsi works at the intersections of reproductive justice and environmental justice.

Katsi is a respected elder and educator in her community. She has written numerous published essays, articles for Indian Country Today, and she was a featured speaker at Live Earth at the NationalMuseum of the American Indian in Washington, DC in 2007. 

She was honored in 2005 where community leaders, including a generation of women who became mothers and social activists under her guidance, honored Katsi’s leadership and extensive body of work. 

Katsi was a recipient of a 2004-2005 Indigenous Knowledge Cultural Researcher Award from the Indigenous Health Research Development Program at the University of Toronto. 

She has served as a Maternal and Child Health consultant for the Tribal Epidemiology Center at United South and Eastern Tribes (USET, Inc.), Nashville, Tenn., a consortium of 24 tribal communities in the southern and eastern region of the U.S. Katsi is researching and writing about environmental and reproductive justice issues in Native America.​

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