Critical Needs

Many Native American families are unable to meet their immediate survival needs due to generational poverty and remote living conditions. Running Strong addresses this issue by providing the necessities to those who are struggling. We send new coats, hats, gloves, and shoes to Native American families who are unable to afford them. We also distribute hygiene kits, blankets, bedding and other household staples. Helping to improve Native American people’s daily lives is critical, and is the first step in bringing about bigger change.

"There are a lot of programs out there for Natives and there are conferences for almost everything. However, it's hard for these kids to see any benefit from those programs personally. Running Strong is one of the few programs or non-profits that actually do something. The kids actually benefit from what Running Strong does. They are helping the Native people."
Meredith Schramm
Provo City School District

supporting critical needs across indian country

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