For some families on Pine Ridge, a strict budget grows even tighter in the winter months, balancing food, medicine, and other utility bills as fuel and seasonal expenses skyrocket. In the upper plains of South Dakota, harsh winter storms regularly drive temperatures down to -5º (a punishing -30º after wind chill). With many homes lacking proper insulation as a matter of costly repairs, a consistent source of fuel often makes a difference between life and loss on Pine Ridge.

Through Running Strong’s Heat Match, Pine Ridge residents are eligible to receive a dollar-for-dollar match of up to $100 to go towards paying for their propane tanks to be filled, or applied towards their electric bill. We have helped thousands of families keep warm throughout the years thanks to the support of our donors! 

Thanks to generous support from Cerner Government Services, we introduced the Veteran’s Heat Match in 2021. Respect for Veterans is central to Native communities, with American Indian and Alaska Native Americans serving in the military in higher percentages than any other ethnic group. Yet many of these vital Veterans and their families struggle both during and after their service. The Veterans Heat Match provides additional funding within the Heat Match program and ensures America’s most honored service members do not go unnoticed during the long winter months. 

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