Annual Reports

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Lakota Words of The Day

Native American culture is alive and thriving in the hearts and minds of our Native elders, youth, and communities. Here is a small collection of Lakota words and phrases to use in your everyday life as well. 

Native American Cultures, Traditions, and History

Billy Mills Lesson Plans

These free lesson plans were provided in consultation with Billy & Pat Mills by members of the Billy Mills Native Studies Project, a group of Native leaders and Kansas educators wishing to celebrate the heritage of Native Americans and emphasize the importance of civic action in our communities. 

News You Can Use from Indian Country

Running Strong’s News You Can Use From Indian Country contains the latest news we are following. These are the stories impacting the areas we serve and as a Native American-led organization, we take pride in letting our partners direct us to where they need us the most in their communities. 

Here are the updates from across the country that inspire our work and motivate us to keep building a bright future for Native American youth and the communities they live in. 

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