Our Purpose

Running Strong’s involvement reaches far and wide. With our longstanding partnerships in Indian Country, we work to create sustainable change in Native communities. Our focus areas include safe housing, basic needs, culture and language preservation, emergency assistance programs, organic gardens and food, schools and youth centers, women’s health, and seasonal programs. We implement our own programs but we also support independent groups who align with our mission, such as nonprofits, community centers, and grassroots projects.

Impact Stories

Spotlight on 2020 Census 

Interacting with hard-to-count communities requires dedication and creativity, and Running Strong is committed to ensuring every Native American living off and on reservations is counted in the 2020 Census. Beat The Drum. Be Counted! works in Native communities Running Strong is already engaged with (such as our Dreamstarter Teachers in Navajo Nation or Tipi Waste on Pine Ridge Indian Reservation) to connect Native families to informative Census resources. 
"Running Strong for American Indian Youth is one of the best-run and biggest-hearted charities there is helping the Native American people."
Jim O'Brien
Board Chairman

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