Native American donations needed for winter months

Native American Donations Needed During Frigid Winter Months

During the winter months, tens of thousands of residents on Pine Ridge, Cheyenne River, and other Indian reservations are preparing for harsh temperatures and snowstorms. It is not abnormal for frigid temperatures to reach single-digit temperatures, and often get as low as -5℉. Due to generational poverty and remote living conditions, items like coats, food, and blankets are not just essential, but rather critical for survival on these reservations. More than ever, Native American donations are needed for families living on the reservations during these winter months. 

To donate to Native Americans during the winter months visit our give page and donate toward “Critical Needs.”

Native American Donations – How to Help in the Winter

Pine Ridge, Cheyenne River, and other Indian Country reservations need winter essentials to survive the cold. At Running Strong, we make donating easy. Our donors give funds, and we do the rest. With your generous giving, we provide the following to Native Americans during the winter months:


Children and families on the Indian reservations are in critical need of winter coats. A majority of Native Americans 

A) Do not have a winter coat, or 

B) Have a coat that is too small or damaged from wear and tear. 

Your donation can make a difference for a child, adult, or family who is struggling to stay warm during the winter months. 

Our Goal – To provide winter coats to 6,000 children to stay warm this winter season. Read our article, Waníyetu Strong: Giving the Gift of Warmth to Native Children to learn about our Giving Tuesday campaign and how you can help.

Donate Now to Waníyetu Strong 


As bills increase during the winter months for heat, medical needs, and living essentials, thousands of Native American families, including children and the elderly, cannot afford their heat bills. Winters are brutal on the reservations, and without heat, can result in serious illness or even death. Through Running Strong’s program, every Native American donation makes a difference toward utility bills. 

Our Goal – To provide heat for nearly 2,000 families with heat throughout the winter. Thanks to our Heat Match Program with Warming Hearts and Homes, all donations will be matched 4:1. So, for every family who comes in with a $100 money order, Tipi Waste Un Zanipi (Wellness Through a Good Home) will match it by $400, for a total of $500. 

Donate Now to 4x Heat Match


For decades, Running Strong has provided non-perishable and frozen food items to Indian reservations. Our most recent addition to assist Native American families is our new walk-in food pantry at our field office on Pine Ridge. Hundreds of Lakotas have access to our food pantry. Learn about the details on our post: Expanding Food Security for Native American Communities.

Our Goal – Running Strong will provide food boxes to Native American families and individuals this holiday season. We hope to make the season brighter for Indian Country, thanks to the generosity of our donors. 

Donate Now to Native American Critical Needs

Thank You for Donating to Native Americans in Need

Every donation makes a difference in the lives of Native American families and individuals in poverty. Your donation will provide critical needs this winter such as heat, coats, and food for the community. To learn more about Running Strong, visit our Mission and History page or other pages throughout our site. To stay up-to-date with Running Strong’s initiatives, subscribe to our newsletter

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