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  • Brave Heart Society “Calling Back the Spirit”

    Culture & Language Preservation, Women's Health on 1/24/14

    In 1994, the Brave Heart Society was formed by a community of grandmothers on the Yankton Reservation in South Dakota with the mission of bringing back traditional knowledge by “calling home the spirit of the culture”. The Brave Heart grandmothers believe that culture is medicine, and the success of their many projects show the true strength of their culture.

  • Emergency Heat Match

    Basic Needs, Seasonal Programs on 12/20/13

    When severe cold weather hits the reservations,many families cannot afford the utilities they need to survive the harsh winter conditions in the Northern Plains. Running Strong provides utility assistance to American Indian families to help meet their heating and electricity needs by providing funds to help families purchase propane, electricity, firewood, and gas.

  • Can Wigmunke

    Gardens on 12/16/13

    Can Wigmunke, The Rainbow Tree is a local gardening effort on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation that works with community members to prepare and plant community gardens to increase green spaces and improve the quality of life for everyone living on the reservation. The project uses their farmer’s markets and gardens as a small business model and inspiration for reservation youth looking to create their own jobs on the reservation.

  • Housing in Indian Country

    Basic Needs, Safe Housing on 12/10/13

    According to organizations such as the Oglala Sioux Housing Authority, there is a shortage of housing on Indian reservations. Among these are the major issues of overcrowding, the lack of home repair, homelessness, and lack of affordable housing.

  • Cheyenne River Youth Project

    Schools & Youth Center on 12/6/13

    The Cheyenne River Youth Project® began in 1988 in Eagle Butte, SD. Local residents and the Cheyenne River Sioux Tribe came together to turn one of Eagle Butte’s most notorious bars into a safe, alcohol and drug free community center for the Reservation’s children.

  • Women’s Health - “Women is the First Environment”

    Culture & Language Preservation, Women's Health on 11/17/13

    Women is the First Environment Collaborative is a project that works to develop American Indian youth leadership to encourage a new generation to protect and promote social justice in environmental, reproductive rights and Native rights arenas.

  • Culture and Language Preservation

    Culture & Language Preservation on 11/15/13

    Linguists estimate that when Europeans first came to this continent, more than 300 Native American languages were spoken in North America. Today, there are only about 100. Running Strong seeks to prevent any further linguistic or cultural loss by supporting efforts to preserve knowledge passed down from a disappearing generation of elders and to teach it to the next generation of American Indian youth.

  • Running Strong’s organizational statement on American Indian images and team names

    on 11/7/13

    Running Strong's organizational statement on American Indian images and team names

  • School Supplies

    Schools & Youth Center, Basic Needs, Seasonal Programs on 11/4/13

    We are providing backpacks filled with school supplies for American Indian school children.

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