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27th Tour - Thursday

9/15/16 in Pine Ridge Indian Reservation under





Pine Ridge Indian Reservation

Ft. Robinson

This morning we spent some time visiting Ft. Robinson. We were able to go into the museum and view documents showing the history of the site. Ft. Robinson was also the location of the killing of Crazy Horse in 1877.

Running Strong has supported Ft. Robinson Intertribal Gathering since 2001, two years after it started.  Running Strong has also supported the Ft. Robinson Spiritual Outbreak Run which commemorates the Northern Cheyenne Outbreak on January 9, 1879 when Chief Dull Knife’s band tried to escape their prison conditions.



Museum of the Fur Trade

We made a quick stop at the Museum of the Fur Trade.This museum is a world class collection of items from Native peoples across the continent.  It tells the story of the primary economic engine of the time, the fur trade.


Wounded Knee

We also visited Wounded Knee, the site of both the massacre of Chief Spotted Elk's band on December 29, 1890 and the second Wounded Knee American Indian Movement (AIM) standoff of 1973.

The Wounded Knee Massacre in 1890 resulted in more than 200 Lakota men, women, and children being killed by U.S. troops. 

The 1973 standoff between AIM and the United States government jumpstarted a revival of cultural pride of Native people in the US. In the months, years, and decades following, many Native cultural traditions and ceremonies have been revived.


Oglala Sioux Tribe Partnership for Housing (OSTPH)

This evening we visited with the Oglala Sioux Tribe Partnership for Housing for dinner and to talk about their various programs. Running Strong has been supporting OSTPH since 2003 to address the extreme housing shortage on Pine Ridge.  We originally helped them with self-build projects by subsiding the costs of new homes.  They also work on financial and housing counseling to help clients build credit and teach them about how to obtain a mortgage.

They also honored us with the gift of a star quilt! 


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