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Dreamstarter Jenna talks about getting her students on pointe!

1/12/17 in Oklahoma under Dreamstarter







We have had some very exciting things happening at Dance Maker Academy this semester! In September I gave my first pointe shoe evaluation at the studio, and had our very first student pass the exam and start on pointe! I have only had two students on pointe up until now, but they had both previously been on pointe before they started at Dance Maker. Then in October I did a second evaluation and had a second student pass and be able to start on pointe!

Both of these girls have been faithfully coming to class with me for two years and have been working so hard to achieve this goal! I am so proud of both of them. Nearly every class they had come to during the last two years they would ask me, “When do I get to go on pointe?!” So, when it was finally time for the evaluation, and I got to tell each of them, “You passed!” I definitely got a little emotional.



After their evaluation, I met with each of them at the dance store in Tulsa for a pointe shoe fitting. Finding the correct pointe shoe is extremely important for a dancer, as the wrong one can ruin your feet or prevent you from being able to do your best in them. While pointe shoes are not comfortable, if they fit correctly a dancer shouldn’t have as many issues with things like blisters.

It took about an hour of trying on different brands and styles of pointe shoes for each girl, but they both found a shoe that fit right, and that they liked. They both ended up with different styles of the Russian Pointe brand.

Since, they have both had their first pointe class, and are doing really well! I am so proud of them, and cannot wait to see how they continue to grow, as people and dancers!

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