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Learn a Lakota Word a day with Running Strong

9/4/18 under Culture & Language Preservation

At Running Strong for American Indian Youth we are well aware of the need to provide the basic necessities of life to Native peoples living on reservations and throughout Indian Country.
With assistance from Running Strong, many now have access to clean water, nutritious food, and warm clothes & propane to keep them warm in the winter.
We are able to do all that and more, thanks to our supporters. We are also able to support communities in preserving their culture and language – and not lose their traditional way of life which has been passed on for generations.
From the East Coast to the West, Native American communities are struggling to keep their traditional languages and cultures alive. We support initiatives that preserve knowledge passed down from elders and teach this knowledge to the next generation of Native youth.
Our partners in this mission include Euchee Language Project, the Brave Heart Society, the Little White Buffalo Project, as well as our Dreamstarters who are realizing their dream to preserve their tribes’ languages.
Beginning today, Sept. 4, through the end of the month, we will be presenting a Native word of the day to educate and inform our supporters and friends.



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