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Runner’s Spotlight - Amy Zembroski

9/17/15 under Team Running Strong MCM



1. Why did you start running?
I have ran on and off my whole life, but wanted to try a marathon before I had kids, had my kids, and just kept on running.

2. Best running memory?
Running the Chicago Marathon, totally focusing on a BQ, when out of all the people I heard my husband and parents with a mile left to go cheering for me. It was like the crowd disappeared and they were just there. I am so appreciative of my family support.

3. What shoes do you run in?
Asics 2000

4. Favorite & least favorite distances to run?
5K is my least favorite (too fast) and I love half and full marathons.

5. Do you have a running partner?
Mostly I run solo, but Bill is there when our schedules align!

6. What is your favorite running accessory?
My MP3 player

7. What is your favorite time of the day to run?
Early morning

8. What is the hottest or coldest weather you have ever ran in?
90 with humidity. Below freezing for sure, too!

9. Other exercises you love?
Dancing, walking

10. Do you bring an iPod with you, and if so, what's on it? What’s your power song?
Yes. Lots of variety, but a lot of hip-hop and rap. I don’t have a power song, my mood changes too much to commit to one, lol.

11. What are your current or future goals?
Give back, keep running, and love it.

12. Advice for new runners?
Running is more mental than physical, there are many more ways to run than you many think.

13. Tell me about the most interesting thing you've ever seen while on a run.
The most interesting thing I think is a collective thought, and that is of other runners helping each other along the course. Whether it be a word of encouragement as you pass, passing a water at an aid station, shaking hands with a stranger after, runners are just a great group of people.

14. What drew you to Team Running Strong or for returning runners what brought you back?
In high school we watched Running Brave, so Billy Mills was always a running idol of mine. My brother was a Marine, and I work in a private school for Native Americans. Pretty much a perfect fit for me!

15. What's your motivation?
My brother, while in the Marines lost his leg, that is a huge motivation for me. I think running has been a gift I was given to keep me balanced and I intend to use it for as long as I can.

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