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Runner’s Spotlight-Anita Uyehara

5/13/14 under Team Running Strong MCM



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1. Why did you start running?

I be able to talk while running with my youngest track running pretend I could feel what it was like when my middle son was doing PT in Iraq or Afghanistan - how could I possibly feel tired if he was running in heat or with the weight of a rucksack? be able to think and be alone while running the trails.  I run because I'm thankful that I can.


2. Best running memory?

Running a 5K with my 7 year old niece.   Running a 10K with my youngest son running backwards, in front of me...pestering me to 'run faster'.   Turning the corner at mile 23 of a marathon and having my eldest son yell "Run faster!!  The zombies are coming!!"  Running hills...valleys...over logs...splashing through creeks...and crossing that finish line at USMC Marathon the first time.


3. What shoes do you run in?

Whichever is dry at the time.  Hopefully, those are my Kinvara 3s for harder surfaces or Salomons for trails.


4. Favorite & least favorite distances to run?

All of them!  Love them all!  But...the longer the better.  The legs don't have speed..they just trudge along.


5. Do you have a running partner?

Running partner?  Heck, anyone on the trail at the time that will chat for a few minutes. fellow Marathon Maniacs that I "meet" mid race. weekly track group and weekend distance group.  Anyone...any distance...any speed.  We all have a common language.


6. What is your favorite running accessory?

My Garmin..of course  grin


7. What is your favorite time of the day to run?

Hmmm...if work let me out early, it would be dusk.  But...these days, it's early in the a.m.


8. What is the hottest or coldest weather you have ever ran in?

Hottest...Half Marathon in 98 hot humid degrees.  Loved it!  Cold...ugh...don't like the cold


9. Other exercises you love?

Biking.  Kayaking.


10. Do you bring an iPod with you, and if so, what's on it? What’s your power song?

I'm old school - the theme from Rocky can still power me at the end.  Otherwise...the Cars just do it for me.


11. What are your current or future goals?

50 miler.  I'm 50 this year.  Did a 50K on New Years Day.  50 miler planned for this summer and then again, 2 weeks after the Marine Corps Marathon - the best BEST MARATHON ever!!


12. Advice for new runners?

During a race?  Smile.  High five all those along the race course.  You will fly if you have fun.
During training?  Get out the door and then Smile!  Say hi to all those you see on the trail.  You will fly if you have fun.  Oh...and keep a log to see how fabulously you're doing.  And...hydrate...hydrate.  And cross train...cross train.

13. Tell me about the most interesting thing you've ever seen while on a run.

During a marathon in Vermont...two little boys were running around a water station, fighting over who was going to do the chores.  When they saw me grab for water, they asked " wanna milk our cows so we don't have to?"  Well...I wasn't winning the race (far from it).  So...why not?  And gee, it gave me a chance to sit on a bucket and rest.  So...I took a few steps to where their cow was, sat on an overturned bucket, and began to milk a cow.  Only in Vermont. 


14. What drew you to Team Running Strong or for returning runners what brought you back?

The spirit that uplifts all those that are touched by the programs of Running Strong.  To be able to be a part of that truly an honor.


15. What's your motivation?

I run because I can...and for those that can't.

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