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We Need Your Help! Let’s Grow Healthy Food Together!

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Will you help Native youth and families have healthy food to eat by donating to our garden challenge match?

Your gift will be MATCHED to go twice as far!

For many living on reservations, fresh fruits and vegetables are not readily available. American Indians experience food insecurity at higher levels than the rest of the U.S. population (Gunderson, 2005) and experience diabetes at almost three times the rate of non-Hispanic whites of the same ages (Jernigan et al, 2011).

But these challenges are not the results of individual choice -- a lack of access to fresh produce has been identified as a key barrier to healthy eating for American Indians (Jernigan, 2011). On the Pine Ridge reservation there are few food stores, and many cannot afford to eat a healthy diet.

According to the USDA, kids in particular need healthy diets full of foods like dark-green vegetables and beans for their health and wellbeing (2013).

Slim Buttes Agricultural Program on Pine Ridge Indian Reservation has been helping kids and families have nutritious fruits and vegetables to eat for 30 years! Slim Buttes helps Native people grow their own food in family gardens.

By supporting Slim Buttes’ gardens, you can help American Indian youth and communities live healthier lives, and by donating before Earth Day (4/22), you can have twice the positive impact.

Please donate today and have your funds MATCHED by a fellow Running Strong donor!

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