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Our Programs

Learn about how Running Strong's programs are creating opportunities for and empowering American Indian communities across the United States.

Our Programs

Running Strong's program involvement reaches far and wide. With our longstanding partnerships in Indian Country, we work to create sustainable change in Native communities. Our focus areas include safe housing, basic needs, culture and language preservation, emergency assistance programs, organic gardens and food, schools and youth centers, women’s health, and seasonal programs. We implement our own programs but we also support independent groups who align with our mission, such as nonprofits, community centers, and grassroots projects.

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  • Dreamstarter™

    Running Strong is giving away fifty $10,000 grants over the next five years to jumpstart the dreams of American Indian youth.

  • Organic Gardens and Food

    Running Strong's organic gardens and food programs bring nutritious meals as well as fruits and vegetables to poverty stricken, remote parts of Indian Country.

  • Schools and Youth Centers

    Running Strong is creating a new generation of Indian leaders who demonstrate healthy lifestyles and confidence in their heritage.

  • Clean Water

    Running Strong is working to connect running water to families in Pine Ridge.

  • Culture and Language

    Running Strong helps Indian Nations preserve their traditional language and culture for future generations.

  • Seasonal Programs

    Running Strong's seasonal programs spread hope and joy throughout Indian Country with holiday parties, toy drives, cultural gatherings and more.

  • Safe Housing

    Running Strong helps American Indian families acquire safe housing in overcrowded and underserved areas.

  • Basic Needs

    Running Strong helps American Indians meet their basic needs by providing essential items like new coats, hygiene kits, blankets and shoes.

  • Emergency Assistance Programs

    Running Strong's emergency assistance programs help American Indian families in the face of severe weather, providing heat and other utilities.

  • Women and Children's Health

    Running Strong works with programs that help American Indian women lead healthy and fulfilling lives, and empower women to take pride in their cultural identity.

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