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Clean Water

Running Strong is working to connect running water to families in Pine Ridge.

When Running Strong for American Indian Youth® was formed in 1986, getting clean, safe drinking water to the residents of Pine Ridge was among its top priorities. Previously, Running Strong satisfied this need by drilling water wells. However, the need for wells declined as the Oglala Sioux Rural Water Supply System was created and water lines were laid providing access to water. 

Still, for many residents access to potable water remains unattainable. For some residents, who may live as close to just over 100 feet of the service line, the costs to run a line to their home and tap into the main line are too high. Many of these families have been on the waiting to be connected to the water line for years, on a waiting list of almost 500 households.

In fall 2015, Running Strong returned to its roots with a pilot program to provide families with what most Americans take for granted – running water –  by connecting their homes to the Rural Water Supply line.


Learn more about our water program here.


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    Pine Ridge Indian Reservation


    Oglala Lakota

    In Fall 2015, Running Strong committed to connect five families to the water line, to get them clean water right away.

    We are happy to report that despite the snow, rain, and frozen ground of the winter months, the first 5 have been completed, with more to be completed in the coming months.  We couldn’t have done with this without the support of our friends and supporters. Thank you!

    We hope to help many more families in the years to come.

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