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Emergency Assistance Programs

Running Strong's emergency assistance programs help American Indian families in the face of severe weather, providing heat and other utilities.

Emergency Assistance Programs

Running Strong provides utility assistance to American Indian families in emergency situations.  Extreme weather affects many of the communities that we serve and without our presence, countless Indian children and families would be left vulnerable.  For example, many Indian families cannot afford the heating and electricity that they need to comfortably survive the winter season. Thus, we help families purchase heating and electricity by supplying funds for propane, electricity, firewood and gas. This is especially important to the communities that we serve in the Northern Plains, as they often experience harsh winter storms with below zero temperatures.

Learn more about our emergency assistance programs here.

Help Provide Emergency Utilities Assistance for Heat

Spotlighted Programs

  • Emergency Heat Match Program


    Pine Ridge Indian Reservation, South Dakota


    Oglala Sioux

    Utilities Assistance

    “What about all those kids who don’t get breakfast or supper because they have no electricity? Or they have to go to bed by sundown? How do they do their homework? We can’t forget them.” - Loretta Afraid of Bear

    When severe cold weather hits the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation, many families rely on each other to pull together and keep warm. Because they cannot afford the utilities they need, their well being, and especially the well being of children and elders, is put in jeopardy.

    Running Strong's Annual Emergency Heat Match Program gives funds for propane and electricity to families on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation. We match the Oglala Sioux Tribe’s contributions to struggling families dollar-for-dollar. Our heating assistance efforts began in 1997, and every year since, we have helped hundreds of Oglala families heat their homes.

    Help Provide Emergency Heat

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  • Seasonal Programs

    Running Strong's seasonal programs spread hope and joy throughout Indian Country with holiday parties, toy drives, cultural gatherings and more.

  • Basic Needs

    Running Strong helps American Indians meet their basic needs by providing essential items like new coats, hygiene kits, blankets and shoes.

Help Provide Heat

Your gift will help provide heating assistance for families in need on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation.

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