“Never in the history of the United States has the need for our Tribal governments, state governments and our Federal government along with our market place to come together and collectively choreograph our journey into the horizon of our future.

Because of this, the urgency to prepare our tribal youth in the arena of entrepreneurship is among the most important economic development challenges we face.

The development of our young entrepreneurs must stay abreast of our communities’ economic development plans.

The businesses of the future that have a vision and mission statement that is value based and everyone commits to living those values ethically, morally, and legally and all the while protecting their bottom line, develops a strong social awareness and consciousness to empower those in need, will become the brand names of the 21st and 22nd centuries.

This is the goal and dream I have for our tribal youth who choose entrepreneurship as their contribution to their communities.” – Billy Mills

Aukea Ka'aekuahiwi
(Native Hawaiian)
Carl Petersen
(Cheyenne River Sioux Tribe)
Hope Gamble
(Navajo Nation)
Jacob Crane
(Tsuuti'ina Nation)
Kevin Belin
(Navajo Nation)
David Fraser
(Oglala Lakota)
Joshua Smith
(Osage Nation)
Parrish Pipestem
(Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians)
Taylor Eddie
(Navajo Nation)
Freddy Gipp
(Apache Tribe of Oklahoma)
"Entrepreneurship done ethically, and with giving back to one's community at heart, is an incredible tool for change within Native communities everywhere."
Joshua Smith
Ekowah Coffee

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