Jacob Crane Empowers and Inspires Native Youth Through Video Storytelling

Jacob’s Dream Jacob’s dream is to empower young Indigenous people through video storytelling. His media production company, Arrow’s Journey Indigenous Initiative, will create a series of videos that inspire Native youth by telling the stories of other young, successful Native people. The online series will use digital and social media to share young and successful indigenous people’s […]

Kevin Belin Cultivates the Next Generation of Diné Language Learners

Kevin’s dream, Hashké – Hozhó Design & Collaborative (HHD&C), is to develop a language and cultural materials and resource initiative in order to create and provide differentiated approaches to learning the Navajo language and culture. His plan is to expand and create resources for the modern classroom and bring the classroom closer to individuals far from […]

Carl Petersen Develops a Lakota Video Game to Revitalize Language

Carl’s Dream “My dream is to operate a video game design studio based on my reservation; a studio that would create and maintain games made about, for and by Native American people.” The first game will be called Kaga Tipi (Tipi Builder), and will allow children and youth to build a traditional Lakota tipi in […]