"I want more American Indian scholars to stretch their academic ability and explore research to expand their knowledge.”
Ramsey Seweingyawma
Teacher, Whitehorse High School

Ramsey Seweingyawma is a teacher at Whitehorse High School in Montezuma Creek, Utah. He will use his $5,000 grant to support his computer science curriculum and incorporate projects for high school students using open-source hard-ware such as robotics, drones and computer components.

Ramsey will design projects based on the Advanced Computer Science curriculum for the school year. The first semester projects will be web-based (such as websites or apps) and based on topics such as digital citizenship and web development languages (HTML, CSS, and JavaScript). The second semester projects will build their language knowledge further so that they understand how to talk to computer components. Each semester, the projects will be presented, recorded, and used as training tools to help future students understand what can be accomplished during the school year and explore their interests further in computer science. 

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