“My students are Anishinaabe descendants, and all have different backgrounds of cultural knowledge ranging from no knowledge to some, and they are always eager to show me what words they can remember with the proudest smile as they say and point.”
Shana Aubid
Head Start Teacher, Mille Lacs Early Education Program

Shana Aubid is the Head Start Lead Teacher at the Mille Lacs Early Education program in Santstone, Minnesota, and will use her $1,000 grant to integrate traditional Anishinaabe teachings, crafts, storytelling, and lifestyle ways into her Early Head Start program. Shana’s goal is to increase her students’ knowledge of their culture, legends and traditional lifestyle ways through indigenous literature as well as to increase traditional culture family participation during family activity days.

She will incorporate traditions in classroom lesson planning (Ojibwe children’s literature, language usage, dramatic play, science, social and mathematics), and plan family activity days and special cultural events to promote the use of language/culture among the staff and families.

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