As a Numu woman, I am dedicated to engaging communities by educating on how to be a good relative and guest on Numu homelands, advocating against urban sprawl, providing access to traditional food systems, and creating stronger leaders for protection of Numu waters and homelands.

Autumn Harry


Autumn Harry, 30, is a dedicated community organizer, Indigenous rights and land advocate, and fisherwoman. She is a Paiute and Navajo woman and comes from a family of environmental protectors. Autumn is currently a full-time master’s student at the University of Nevada, Reno where she is writing her thesis on Geography with a focus on the reclamation of Numu place names.

She is passionate about protecting her people and their land, in an area that is being rapidly developed and encroached upon. Her advocacy work is rooted the profound interconnectedness of violence against the land and violence against tribal people, specifically women and girls. Resource extraction and exploitation on Indigenous land directly results in increased violence against Indigenous women.

The Great Basin Nation Building initiative is designed to strengthen and support ongoing environmental and social justice

efforts in her region, train the next generation of Native activists and community organizers, and offer healing for tribal communities in the face of violence against Native women and their land.

“There is a huge need for strengthening and training young organizers to lead environmental justice projects. I want our communities to feel seen and heard while we continue to demand justice for relatives who have been taken from violence.”


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