I love art because it connects me to my ancestors and my tradition. I find inspiration in children and landscapes. This project will motivate me to reach my lifelong goals which is to share my artwork with the world.                 

ashley Yazzie

AShley Yazzie Headshot Edited

Ashley Yazzie (Navajo Nation), 38, was raised on the Navajo Reservation by traditional parents and grandparents. Yazzie began painting in 4th grade and finds inspiration in the joys of children, the beauty of natural landscapes, and traditional Navajo stories. For Yazzie, art is a way to connect with her ancestors, and keep her traditions thriving. Yazzie now lives in Durango, CO where she attends Fort Lewis College, studying Art with a minor in Native American Studies, and is a dedicated mother to her 1-year-old son and keeping him connected to their Native Heritage. It has been a lifelong goal of hers to share her art with the world.

Yazzie’s Dream is to connect Urban Natives to traditional teachings and culture by creating a series of paintings illustrating creation stories connected to the landscape, sacred sites, and incorporate themes surrounding the Coyote stories. The illustrated stories are a cumulation of teachings from her own family, members of the community, and further research. Once completed, Ashley plans to submit her work to a local gallery and share her work with her community.

“I want to share my knowledge and experience growing up with traditional parents and grandparents in an ever changing world. My passion is sharing the stories of my ancestors.”

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