I want to express my passion for where I am from through my artwork. I paint and draw animals, plants, and people that surround me on the Navajo motherland. We are fortunate enough to live where we emerged as Dine’ people. The beauty here can keep any artist busy for many lifetimes. I hope to capture and share what I hear, see, feel, and taste all around me within the world.

Hope gamble


Hope Gamble (Navajo Nation), 18, was a part of our 2019 Dreamstarter class of Entrepreneurs when she was just 14 years old. Her original Dreamstarter project was to create and sell a comic book, turning her craft into a small business. Since her project in 2019 she has continued to grow as an artist, and expand her craft while completing commissioned work. Gamble lives on the Navajo Reservation in Arizona, and takes inspiration from the colorful landscapes, the animals that live beside her, and her people and their traditions. Art allows her to express the love she has for her homeland, and hopes to teach others why the land must be protected. She is currently in her senior year of high school, and plans to continue pursuing her art through internship or residency after graduating.

Gamble’s Dreams is to create more awareness and support for land protection efforts, and to promote visibility of the struggles the Navajo Nation faces against outsiders abusing their land through a series of paintings. These paintings will range in size, and incorporate the people, animals, and plants that live in the sovereign Navajo Nation, while using colors inspired by the natural ancient Southwest landscape. She plans to showcase her work at festivals and events in the Southwest area, while promoting on social media to increase sales and awareness.

“We must live smarter with old traditional values and new technology for necessary energy needs. I hope that my new paintings will give the world a look into what we have to deal with and why everything here needs to be protected from further damage. Land sovereignty is Terrestrial Independence.”

HG Previous Work 2

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