Art has allowed me to communicate and express my thoughts and ideas on how I perceive the world. Through my sculptures, I often use animals as narrative devices to remind viewers of shared experiences and the connections between the natural world. My inspiration comes from the environment around me. I have always spent as must time as I can outside and have been surrounded by animals.

Jazmin Novak


Jazmin Novak (Navajo Nation), 24, has been creating all her life. For Novak, art is a way to connect with her family, her culture, and communicate her thoughts and ideas on how she perceives the world. Growing up in Santa Fe, NM she finds inspiration in the environment that surrounds her, and often uses animals from her homelands as narrative devices in her work. Her goal is to remind viewers of their connection to each other, and the natural world through her work. Currently, Novak is teaching sculpture at the Institute of American Indian Arts. She is passionate about teaching, and strives to be a good mentor, and inspiration to her students.

Novak’s Dream is to promote environmental protection by exploring community interactions and conveying the need for mutual participation for mutual benefit through sculpture. Inspired by the animals in the Navajo Nation, the sculpture will depict stacked ravens made of glass and bronze, focusing on their interactions and acting as a study of cooperation and community involvement. She hopes to establish a home studio and continue to make work that explores her culture, and themes of connection and community involvement.

“Having grown up in the Southwest, I am greatly influenced by the environment; my artwork reflects the importance and beauty this landscape holds for me. Interacting with animals, plants, insects, soil, water, or the lack thereof has always been a constant for me, and it is where I develop my work’s narrative.”

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