Art is an outlet for me. I see fashion every day and romanticize how I would recreate or reimagine them with influences from my culture. Creating clothes means so much to me because I see the power that well-made clothing that fits well has on the confidence of the wearer. That is a gift that I want to give the world.

yegunahareeta Printup

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Yegunahareeta Printup (Tuscarora Nation), 30, was raised by traditional parents on the reservation, going to ceremonies and is deeply rooted in the culture and teachings of her tribe. Printup has always been interested in creating wearable art, she taught herself to bead at a young age and quickly began selling her earrings. Printup finds inspiration in her culture, ceremonial longhouse wear, and the custom to honor the creator by wearing your best. She is hopeful to see her community grow as her community reclaims their language and ceremonies, and hopes to pass on her knowledge and love of her culture.

Printup’s Dream is to connect tradition and modernity through fashion, by creating a line of clothing inspired by traditional longhouse wear. This line of clothes will incorporate traditional elements such as beadwork, leather, basketry, and quillwork into contemporary silhouettes, and reimagine modern wear clothing items with a Native influence to instill confidence in the wearer and promote Native visibility. These clothing items will be showcased as part of her 6-piece Senior collection at Syracuse University.

“I’m inspired by my culture, and I want to incorporate aspects of our traditional wear into modern wear clothes. Clothes that could proudly be worn in longhouse, at the office, out to dinner with friends, or special events.”

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