Running Strong's 2023 Dreamstarter programs are focusing on Environmental Justice in their communities

Tillie Stewart

Crow Nation

Biawaatchaache (Good Woman) Collective

Bozeman, MT

Tillie’s dream is to elevate the voices of young Apsáalooke women, reconnect them with the land, and strengthen their participation in environmental justice work.

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Autumn Harry

Pyramid Lake Paiute Tribe

Great Basin Nation Building

Nixon, NV

Autumn’s dream is to equip the next generation of Native community organizers to fight the violence against Indigenous homelands and Indigenous women.

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Loren Waters

Cherokee Nation

ᏗᏂᏠᎯ ᎤᏪᏯ (Meet Me At The Creek) Project

Tulsa, OK

Loren’s dream is to increase visibility of Indigenous environmental efforts, like the clean-up of the Tar Creek, across the country and to see her community inspired to participate in protecting their environment.

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Anpa'o Locke

Standing Rock Sioux Tribe/Villiage of Tazlina

Indigenous Youth Initiative Leadership Training

Albuquerque, NM

Anpa’o’s dream is to teach Native youth to use storytelling to create more awareness of social and environmental injustices faced by tribal nations across the country and support Native youth as they make impactful change in their communities.

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Sara Powell

Navajo Nation

Three Sisters Gardens

Springfield, UT

Sara’s dream is to engage urban Navajo youth in her community with traditional food systems and teach them how to use their cultural practices to address food security issues.

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Corice Lieb

Omaha Tribe

Soaring Eagles Project

Omaha, NE

Corice’s dream is to strengthen tribal sovereignty and support tribal emergency management systems by using drone technology to increase accessibility to disaster relief funds.

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Sheniah Reed


Native Nations "Water is Life" Conference

Greenfield, WI

Sheniah’s dream is to hold a space for Native youth to learn about environmental injustices, such as poor water quality and food insecurity, and get involved in both protecting their natural resources and creating a more equitable society for their people.

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McKalee Steen

Cherokee Nation

Indigenous Youth Perspectives and Action on Landback

Oakland, CA

McKalee’s dream is to see sovereign tribal nations reclaim their lands and natural resources, and to see the future for Native youth secured through increased representation of Natives in academia and support for young Native advocates in their own “Landback” initiatives.

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Noah Proctor

Piscataway Conoy Tribe

Piscataway Community Garden

Clinton, MD

Noah’s dream is to address hunger and lack of access to healthy foods within his tribal community and reconnect youth with traditional Piscataway foods and growing practices.

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Cruz Collin

Oglala Sioux Tribe

Sustainably Powering Rural Native Communities

Pine Ridge, SD

Cruz’s dream is to use Lakota and Western scientific knowledge to build a sustainable, innovative system of renewable energy and to improve the quality of life for his Lakota people and the world in the face of global climate change.

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