I strive to rejuvenate and celebrate my heritage, embedding traditional motifs and techniques into each piece to tell stories of resilience and Identity.

Ashlen Hicks

Ashen Hicks

Ashlen Hicks (The Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma), 28, has spent the first ten years of her adulthood on a journey of healing, and cultural connection by developing her sewing and beading skills, and pursuing higher education. Her passion for art and education stems from her natural curiosity, cultural importance and preservation, and a desire to examine her experiences as a Native American woman. Among her many achievements, Hicks created a series of 180 pieces that were included into the traditional display of Choctaw Culture at the new “Choctaw Landing” casino, as well as received professional certificates in Women in Leadership, and Entrepreneurship. Currently she is working on a Certification of Business Advising, and a Masters of Science in Native American Leadership.

Hicks’ Dream is to promote healing and connection to culture through sewing and beadwork. Her project, “Matriarch Circle”, will be a two-part project. She will create a personal series of intricate ribbon skirts pieced with traditional beadwork, each telling a unique story of resilience, cultural pride, and empowerment. She will also provide ribbon skirt and beading workshops to a small group of Choctaw women to provide teachings, and a create a supportive, safe space to heal via cultural practices.

“ My passion for art stems from a desire to explore and communicate ideas and narratives through a visual means. Every stitch in my textile work tells a story, every bead from my beadwork holds a piece of tradition, and both carry a piece of who I am, reflecting my innermost thoughts and aspirations.”

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