The opportunity to write new stories into existence, stories that are inclusive and uplifting towards our Queer and Trans Relatives is an opportunity to challenge archaic Stereotypes and offer empowering representation drawing from traditional creation stories.

Charlie Scott

Charlie Scott

Charlie Scott (Navajo Nation), 29, is an accomplished scholar and content creator, who has pursued creative writing for 7 years. They are dedicated to creating art centering Black and Indigenous Queer and Trans People of Color, to empower representation and challenge archaic stereotypes. They use their social media platforms to educate followers and inspire joy and justice through the art of storytelling, and have two op-eds for Yes! Magazine. They are currently a 5th year PhD Candidate, developing a dissertation that focuses on how Indigenous students describe, interpret and refuse settler colonialism.

Scott’s dream is to write into existence new narratives that centers and celebrates Queer and Trans Indigenous Relatives. They will create a Zine featuring 5 short stories, inspired by traditional Navajo Creation Stories, rewritten to be inclusive towards Two-Spirit and LGBTQ+  Relatives. The zine will feature art from local graphic design artist, and act as a community builder and reminder of the beauty and strength of the Two-Spirit and Trans Black and Indigenous community.

“As an indigenous scholar, I have recently realized how brilliant Indigenous forms of art are and the ways we are able to create something that is a direct challenge to colonization and can be quite beautiful.”

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