This project connects the community by making art available and affordable to everyone, which is a huge impact. Some People wear jewelry as medicine, you can fell the time energy and love that goes into each piece.

Eva Ellingson

Eva Ellingson

Eva Ellingson (Walker River Paiute Tribe), 35, is a self-taught, community supported artist. During the last 10 years she has received mentorship from her mother, Beverly Ellingson, and teachings from elders that have allowed her to hone her skills. She loves art for it’s ability to connect community, and bring beauty and awareness to the world. She is a graduate of the Makehers program, and a member of a small business accelerator cohort of Hacker Lab/Made Studio. She has completed many orders for tribal gifts, including jewelry for Meryl Picard, tribal chair in Bishop Paiute Tribe, for her visit to the White House.

Ellingson’s dream is to connect her community and make art available and affordable to everyone. This grant will allow her to purchase new equipment, to expand her business and outreach. She will be creating new pieces, exploring new designs, and adding her logo to pieces that will be given away within her community, free of charge.

“Art is important because it brings beauty and awareness to the world. My inspirations include working with natural elements, modern style, and seeing other enjoy my art.”

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