My work is focused on bringing Yurok language back into the daily lives of our members. My hope is that by people learning the basics it will inspire them to learn more and teach other members.

Fredrick Scott

Fredrick Scott

Fredrick Scott (Yurok), 28, while newer to engraving, has already created a portfolio of high quality work. He is passionate about revitalizing the Yurok language by incorporating it back into daily life, and creating clean, professional looking daily tools. Within a year he has mastered his craft and provided custom items to customers all over the country. He is currently a full time student pursuing a Bachelor of science, while being an entrepreneur.

Scott’s dream is to bring the Yurok language back into daily lives of his tribal members. With this grant he will purchase a special engraver, and daily life tools including flatware, journals, notebooks, water bottles and more and adorn them with English and Yurok terms and distribute them to his community. He hopes these items will be an easy and practical way to learn basic terms, and to inspire his community to continue learning the traditional Yurok language.

“My passion for art is driven by the connection it brings me to my community and it feels good to be doing my small part in language revitalization for my tribe.”

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