I live in an urban area and the only place I can connect with my community is when I am at craft fairs, art festivals or art shows. These events I attend, the support I get from my customers and clients they all give me the motivation to keep doing what I love because they love what I create.

Harriet Peshlakai

Harriet Peshlakai

Harriet Peshlakai  (Navajo Nation), 44, is a talented seamstress creating designer handbags inspired by her culture, and traditional Navajo stories. Over the past 5 years she has perfected her craft, and developed a unique personal style that people love. She was awarded a first and second place prizes in the New Mexico State Fair. While being an entrepreneur and a dedicated mother of 4, she was also able to fast track a degree in Business Administration and will return to school to further her education this fall.

Peshlakai’s dream is to be able to continue to connect urban Natives with each other and their culture. She will create a new series of handbags, each that will reflect different traditional Navajo stories and teachings. She will be implementing new styles, sizes and design elements that will challenge her as an artist and exhibit her skills to customers and judges at future events.

“My art is important to me because it expresses me, who I am and where I come from. It will be inspiring to create a set of art to tell a story of my traditions and what it means to me.”

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