This project will allow me to better connect with my community, I will get to make them star quilts when they are in need. I will be a lot more involved and connect with new people in my community by being there when they are in need.

Norma Two Lance

Norma Two Lace

Norma Two Lance (Oglala Sioux Tribe), 38, began sewing star quilts after her sister passed away in 2022. When her family could not afford to purchase a star quilt to honor her sister, she began learning how to make one for her. She now uses her skills to make star quilts for others in her community for honoring, funerals, and giveaways. She is excited to expand her skill set and make quilts of new sizes, colors, and patterns and continue to supper her community.

Two Lance’s dream is to provide support and connection to her community by eliminating the financial barrier that prevents others from obtaining culturally significant star quilts. With this grant she will be able to purchase supplies and provide completed quilts at low or no cost to those in her community in need. She is proud that she is able to use this skill to help her community and continue to honor her sister.

“When I first learned how to sew I loved it. Whenever someone asks me to make them a star quilt they need for an honoring, a funeral or a giveaway I get to help them and that’s important.”

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